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We are making some of the slides of our Log Analysis and Security Visualization Workshop available for your convenience. Note, we are constantly updating our workshop material and these slides are not the most current ones that we are using for the upcoming workshops. Attend our workshop to get the latest content!

SIGN UP NOW: VISUAL ANALYTICS – Delivering Actionable Security Intelligence
at BlackHat US 2017, July 22,23 & 24,25
  • Visual Analytics – This is our flag ship visual analytics workshop. The slides cover topics like data sources, log processing, visualization, big data, visualization tools, etc.
  • Big Data Visualization for Security – This is a shorter, approximately 4 hour class that we put together around the topics of big data, elastic search, logstash, moloch, and security.


  • Security Big Data Lake – This paper introduces and explores the concept of a big data lake for security. It goes into great detail on architectures, setups, and pros and cons of using various big data technologies to build a central repository for security data. Topics like Spark, Hadoop, SIEM, etc. are discussed. (February 2015)
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) – Visual Analytics Use-Cases – While this white paper is targeted at MSSPs, it still has a lot of relevance for any security operations group. It discusses some challenges with data analytics and shows how visual analytics can help overcome some of those challenges. (October 2013)
  • Application Logging Guidelines – Some basic guidelines for developers to build logging into their applications. The paper also discusses a sample architecture. (January 2012)


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