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VISUAL ANALYTICS – Delivering Actionable Security Intelligence

Raffael Marty -- July 30, 31 & August 1,2 -- Las Vegas, USA

security. analytics. insight.


Today’s threats and attacks are dynamic and specific to every company. Analysts need a flexible and powerful system to quickly understand and process terabytes of data. Systems based only on rules or anomaly detectors will not find hidden attackers. Enabling analysts to find even the most sophisticated attacks is what we call hunting.

Visual Analytics

Understanding billions of events, their relationships, patterns, and impact requires a high bandwidth interface between computer and analysts. We are experts in security visualization and data analytics to assist analysts gaining deep insights fast.

Big Data

Collecting, processing, and mining terabytes of data requires a powerful backend. We leverage Hadoop, Spark, and ElasticSearch among other technologies to provide analysts with a real-time, interactive experience.


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